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Cheems Inu is a meme in itself that hopes to inspire others, by combining both memes and crypto to bring both LOLs and money to the masses of the internet.

Our vision is to become the one-stop-shop for all meme token developers and investors on the blockchain. Cheems Inu will also be the home of

cheems is now


This is the first decentralized betting game hosted on the Avalanche Chain. You can flip a virtual coin and bet on the outcome. If you win, you get the double amount back. If you lose, the bet is gone!


Token sale launchpad for everyone. Cheemspad is the home of safe coin launches. The farmercheems NFTS which can be used to earn % of CheemsPad revenue (coming soon)


250k AVAX CINU each which can be locked up 2 months at a time for up to 3 years. More NFTS rewarded for longer locks

launch cheemspad brings the Crypto Meme community together, and will provide an informative platform to new investors on meme tokens available on the platform.


new block city

metaverse game

Cheems Inu will be incorporating our token and NFTs into an upcoming cross chain MetaVerse game. Similar to a Grand Theft Auto / Monopoly style game.

This game will incorporate many Play 2 Earn components and in order to participate in many of them, you will need an NFT MINT PASS. This NFT Mint Pass will allow you to own/operate a business within the metaverse in order to earn a passive income!


metaverse nft pass

Your pass into NEW BLOCK CITY